Drunken Sailor

Sailing Result
Pitching to Publishers
45 minutes
A hybrid drawing and worker-placement game, in which players use spatial relations skills to gather resources and then outthink their opponents to earn upgrades and victory points.
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The captain has gotten into the grog, and might not be giving the most trustworthy orders. Even so: you must venture forth, salvage what you can from the sea, and shrewdly trade what you find for profit!

  • A drawing mechanism adds a skill element to gathering resources
  • A variant of worker placement and action selection keeps all options open, but at variable cost due to supply and demand
  • Simultaneous play minimizes downtime and game length
  • Alternate maps add variety from one game to the next
  • Engine building options include increasing capacity for resource gathering, adding crew for trading capability, or building cannons to fend off pirate attacks