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Ships and Space
Underworld Spacebattle Race
Ronald Radcliffe Thought Experiment 30mins Fly your ship through a winding spacefield, collecting cargo (Victory Points), and power-ups (Boosts, Cloaking devices, etc), as you make your way to the destination! First one there isn't always the winner--you need to hold on to your cargo, too! 01/11/2019
Starting Hexes
"Resource Game" (No set title yet)
Ronald Radcliffe Physical Prototype 90-120mins Play as one civilization as you explore land, grow your empire, and win by having your culture be the envy of every other civilization, by having your scholars be crowned the brightest in the land, or by sheer military might. 01/11/2019
Trick of the trade
Trick of the Trade
Eli Edwardson Physical Prototype 2-4 30 min. Trick of the trade is a trick taking game where winning tricks gives you evidence to help solve cases. 12/12/2018
Sailing Result
Drunken Sailor
Jonathan Chaffer Pitching to Publishers 2-5 45 minutes A hybrid drawing and worker-placement game, in which players use spatial relations skills to gather resources and then outthink their opponents to earn upgrades and victory points. 08/23/2018
Grips and Gaffers
Grips and Gaffers
Jonathan Chaffer Pitching to Publishers 2-4 60 minutes A medium-light game about producing a film. Uses a time track with multiple worker pieces to balance, a spatial efficiency puzzle on personal player boards, and a simple engine-building aspect that gradually introduces new play options throughout the game. 08/23/2018
On Second Thought
On Second Thought
Jonathan Chaffer, Tim Smith Pitching to Publishers 2-8 A trivia game of lists, in which players bid for answer order based on their confidence in the category chosen. 08/23/2018
The Naughty List
The Naughty List
Jonathan Chaffer Thought Experiment 2-4 08/23/2018
Ashes of the Deep Gods Mitch Moore Physical Prototype 1-6 Hours Following the death of the Deep gods, explore a most shrouded alien landscape called The Deep in search of powerful relics and rebuilding society. This is powered by the EDGE system which encourages strong character concepts to guide roleplaying and the narrative using D6 dice pools. 06/18/2018
Goblin Pile-Up Mitch Moore Physical Prototype 2-6 30-45 minutes Shinies, tasties and pointies fuel your rise through the goblin pile-up, a confusing hierarchy that only a goblin would think up! The game features multi-use cards and set collection in a race to be the most gobliny goblin of the tribe. 06/18/2018
Filler box cover
Jonathan Chaffer In Development with Publisher 2-5 20 minutes A hand-building game of hasty pastry filling. 03/01/2018
Red Square Gray Detrick Physical Prototype 2-6 20 minutes Build Moscow's Red Square! Players compete by drafting cards from a display to build sets of cards in their tableau - their own version of Red Square. Build multi-colored cathedral towers, grand statues of great leaders, and parades down the center. Oh, and bears! 02/23/2018
Eli Edwardson Pitching to Publishers 2-4 30-40mins A set collection game of picking apples and making cider using a mancala mechanic. 02/22/2018
The Assembly Board Game
The Assembly Board Game
Ronald Radcliffe Physical Prototype 1-4 30-45mins Play solo or up to 4 players. Build your unique deck as well as unique powers based on the hero you are playing to defeat bad guys and the supervillain that approaches 11/13/2017
Slipstream board
Garrett Milliron, Ryan Wilson Physical Prototype 2-4 1 hour Race through a turbulent wormhole.
Design inspirations:
Mario kart (take that racing)
Epic (deck drafting from unique cards)
Quantum (puzzley mix of strategy and tactics)
Gloomhaven (simultaneous action selection with initiative)
Party Game in bright yellow box
Choice Words
Bob Kamp In Stores 2 - 8 30 minutes For Scratch Play points are earned for unique words, terms, titles, names, and phrases that involve the root word . JACK (jack hammer, jack rabbit, Cracker Jack, etc) For Match Play points are earned for matching answers with other players by filling in a blank (BULL--- dog? frog? dozer? Try to choose the most popular answer) 10/08/2017
Title card depicts perched Raven.
Bob Kamp In Stores 2 - 6 30 - 45 minutes Raven is a bid-making trick-taking card game for 2 to 6 players. Players earn 1 point per trick taken and a bonus if they make their bid exactly. Bids are secretly made by discarding (3 cards typically). Each suit has a bid value. The bid is the sum of the suit values. 4 suits 1 - 14 and 4 special cards. 10/08/2017
Wasteland Quest Placeholder Art
Wasteland Quest
Alex Vandertol Thought Experiment 2-6 20 minutes per player Post-apocalyptic future survival game in which players start with nothing and have to race to become self-sufficient. 09/25/2017
Search for the Source of the Nile Early Prototype
The Search for the Source of the Nile
Alex Vandertol Physical Prototype 1-6 40 minutes per player A complete re-imagining of the Discovery Games / Avalon Hill classic Source of the Nile. Players are expedition leaders out to map the interior of the African continent and earn renown for discovering rivers, cataracts, mountains, and native tribes. 09/25/2017
Hollywood Haiku Tim Smith Physical Prototype 3-6 individuals or teams 25-40 minutes A movie trivia game in which all the clues are in haiku form. One player reads the clue and all the others write their guesses on their whiteboards. The sooner you guess, the better. Clues to over 1,000 films categorized by genre (comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, etc.). 09/22/2017
Terra Firma box cover
Terra Firma
Gray Detrick Pitching to Publishers 2-4 60 minutes Featuring a unique overlapping card mechanism for building planets, players simultaneously create a solar system and compete for control of planets and resources with the colonies they build. 09/20/2017