Tim Smith


Originally from St. Louis, MO. Husband, father of two. Currently working on a movie trivia game which I hope to have published. I like to watch movies of all sorts, play soccer, play board games, and read. I have a radio program on community radio 88.1 FM WYCE every other Sunday and have been doing that since 2001. 

This Designer's Games

Game Design Stage Players Duration Description
Hollywood Haiku Physical Prototype 3-6 individuals or teams 25-40 minutes A movie trivia game in which all the clues are in haiku form. One player reads the clue and all the others write their guesses on their whiteboards. The sooner you guess, the better. Clues to over 1,000 films categorized by genre (comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror, etc.).
On Second Thought
On Second Thought
Pitching to Publishers 2-8 A trivia game of lists, in which players bid for answer order based on their confidence in the category chosen.