Gray Detrick

Behold! A face!

I got heavy into hobby board games around 2011, and started designing around 2013. Shortly thereafter I began this game design group as a subgroup of the West Michigan Tabletop Gamers on Since then I've had the pleasure of meeting so many smart and creative people, as this group has grown enough to warrant its own identity. My first design, Terra Firma, is now being seriously considered for publication, and I have too many other designs following it.

I try to be a gaming omnivore, playing a variety of games. However, cooperative games, thematic deck-builders, and light euros make up most of my go-to games. Lords of Waterdeep, Zombicide: Black Plague, Clank!,  Pandemic: The Cure, the Legendary Encounters games, Nations: The Dice Game, and Quantum are some of my most favorite titles.

I've been married to my wonderful wife Tamera since 2000, and enjoy our two cats Sunshine and Luna.

This Designer's Games

Game Design Stage Players Duration Description
Red Square Physical Prototype 2-6 20 minutes Build Moscow's Red Square! Players compete by drafting cards from a display to build sets of cards in their tableau - their own version of Red Square. Build multi-colored cathedral towers, grand statues of great leaders, and parades down the center. Oh, and bears!
Terra Firma box cover
Terra Firma
Pitching to Publishers 2-4 60 minutes Featuring a unique overlapping card mechanism for building planets, players simultaneously create a solar system and compete for control of planets and resources with the colonies they build.