Underworld Spacebattle Race

Ships and Space
Thought Experiment
Fly your ship through a winding spacefield, collecting cargo (Victory Points), and power-ups (Boosts, Cloaking devices, etc), as you make your way to the destination! First one there isn't always the winner--you need to hold on to your cargo, too!

Aspects of the game:

  • Changing track every game 
  • Play as different ships with different speeds, maneuver, guns, cargo capacity
  • Play as different pilots with differing abilities
  • Go through different portals to gain power-ups
    • Boosts
    • Proton Torpedoes
    • Cloaking Devices
    • Many more!
  • Deliver your cargo at drop offs for Victory Points
  • Make it to different check points first for Victory Points
  • Catch-Up mechanic built in so you never are truly out of the race!