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Party Game in bright yellow box
Choice Words
Bob Kamp In Stores 2 - 8 30 minutes For Scratch Play points are earned for unique words, terms, titles, names, and phrases that involve the root word . JACK (jack hammer, jack rabbit, Cracker Jack, etc) For Match Play points are earned for matching answers with other players by filling in a blank (BULL--- dog? frog? dozer? Try to choose the most popular answer) 10/08/2017
Title card depicts perched Raven.
Bob Kamp In Stores 2 - 6 30 - 45 minutes Raven is a bid-making trick-taking card game for 2 to 6 players. Players earn 1 point per trick taken and a bonus if they make their bid exactly. Bids are secretly made by discarding (3 cards typically). Each suit has a bid value. The bid is the sum of the suit values. 4 suits 1 - 14 and 4 special cards. 10/08/2017
Stroop box
Jonathan Chaffer In Stores 2-4 15 minutes A real-time card game based on the psychological Stroop effect, which tests players' perception and reaction skills. 09/19/2017