Our Games

Game Designer Design Stage Players Duration Description Last Update Sort descending
Goblin Pile-Up Mitch Moore Physical Prototype 2-6 30-45 minutes Shinies, tasties and pointies fuel your rise through the goblin pile-up, a confusing hierarchy that only a goblin would think up! The game features multi-use cards and set collection in a race to be the most gobliny goblin of the tribe. 06/18/2018
Ashes of the Deep Gods Mitch Moore Physical Prototype 1-6 Hours Following the death of the Deep gods, explore a most shrouded alien landscape called The Deep in search of powerful relics and rebuilding society. This is powered by the EDGE system which encourages strong character concepts to guide roleplaying and the narrative using D6 dice pools. 06/18/2018
Grips and Gaffers Jonathan Chaffer Pitching to Publishers 2-4 60 minutes A medium-light game about producing a film. Uses a time track with multiple worker pieces to balance, a spatial efficiency puzzle on personal player boards, and a simple engine-building aspect that gradually introduces new play options throughout the game. 06/23/2018