Terra Firma

Terra Firma box cover
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60 minutes
Featuring a unique overlapping card mechanism for building planets, players simultaneously create a solar system and compete for control of planets and resources with the colonies they build.
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You control a Corporation seeking to control and profit from a solar system of Planets you will create during the game. Your ability to hold territory on those planets, and cashing out the resources gained, will curry favor with the Trade Federation, represented by Points. The player with the most Points gains the rights to the whole system from the Federation and wins the game.

During the game you play cards representing portions of planets onto the play area - discovering new planets, exploring more of existing planets, or terraforming over your opponent’s territory.

On the planets you will place your Colonies, laying claim to those portions, and the Resources represented there. Stake out more Colonies on a planet than any of your competitors will score Points with the Trade Federation, but diversify your holdings so the sets of Resources you gain profit you as well.