Lauren Woolsey

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I started designing tabletop games while in graduate school, where I earned a PhD in astrophysics.

My first game, which is nearly finished, is called Stars, Inc. and is about stellar evolution. It's an engine builder of sorts and contains a ton of real science hidden away in the board design and mechanics. 

I have another science game called Amino, which is a card game where you try to collect molecules to form Amino acids. All the cards are hidden, and you're competing with others to hold onto the best ones in your atmosphere! It's available on DriveThruCards in its current (finished) form. 

Last but not least, my newest game in development is Match Quilt, a card game about making a sampler quilt for a competition. In the basic game, you are focused on the puzzle of making the best quilt with the fabric you have, and in the advanced game, you have card effects that force you to plan farther ahead and pay attention to what your opponents are doing. It is licensed and should come out summer 2018.

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