Jonathan Chaffer

Jonathan Chaffer

This Designer's Games

Game Design Stage Players Duration Description
Timely Manor Thought Experiment
They Fight Crime Pitching to Publishers 2-6 60 minutes
The Naughty List
The Naughty List
Physical Prototype 2-4
Just Right Physical Prototype 2-8 30 minutes
Grips and Gaffers Pitching to Publishers 2-4 60 minutes A medium-light game about producing a film. Uses a time track with multiple worker pieces to balance, a spatial efficiency puzzle on personal player boards, and a simple engine-building aspect that gradually introduces new play options throughout the game.
On Second Thought Physical Prototype 2-8 A trivia game of lists, in which players bid for answer order based on their confidence in the category chosen.
Filler box cover
In Development with Publisher 2-5 20 minutes A hand-building game of hasty pastry filling.
Sailing Result
Drunken Sailor
Pitching to Publishers 2-5 45 minutes A hybrid drawing and worker-placement game, in which players use spatial relations skills to gather resources and then outthink their opponents to earn upgrades and victory points.
Crooks and Nannies
Crooks and Nannies
Pitching to Publishers 2-4 30 minutes Crooks and Nannies is a cooperative communication game for 2-4 players.
Stroop box
In Stores 2-4 15 minutes A real-time card game based on the psychological Stroop effect, which tests players' perception and reaction skills.