Lauren Woolsey

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This Designer's Games

Game Design Stage Players Duration Description
Star Flower quilt block pattern
Match Quilt
Pitching to Publishers 2-4 30-45 minutes You have entered the local quilting bee and are competing to build the best sampler quilt! Match fabrics and patterns for big points with the judges and earn end-game bonuses for variety and/or specialization in this crafty card game.
Stars, Inc. game board and HR Diagram
Stars, Inc.
Pitching to Publishers 2-4 40-60 minutes You have mastered time and space to control the natural processes that create and destroy stars. Control the stars to harvest elements and form planetary systems. Real science and interesting game mechanics are combined with astronomical consequences!
Amino stylized game logo
Pitching to Publishers 3-6 30-45 minutes You are a group of scientists competing to terraform sections of the atmosphere on a newly colonized world. Collect molecules and environmental effects in your atmosphere to foster the creation of amino acids, the building blocks of life, through hidden information and bluffing. May the best scientist win!