Bob Kamp

middle-aged average man

Bob Kamp 210 is the inventor of the party game Choice Words (MindWare) and the card game Raven (Drive Thru Cards). He has another party game to be released with USAopoly in early 2018. He is an attorney and lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan . 

This Designer's Games

Game Design Stage Players Duration Description
Title card depicts perched Raven.
In Stores 2 - 6 30 - 45 minutes Raven is a bid-making trick-taking card game for 2 to 6 players. Players earn 1 point per trick taken and a bonus if they make their bid exactly. Bids are secretly made by discarding (3 cards typically). Each suit has a bid value. The bid is the sum of the suit values. 4 suits 1 - 14 and 4 special cards.
Party Game in bright yellow box
Choice Words
In Stores 2 - 8 30 minutes For Scratch Play points are earned for unique words, terms, titles, names, and phrases that involve the root word . JACK (jack hammer, jack rabbit, Cracker Jack, etc) For Match Play points are earned for matching answers with other players by filling in a blank (BULL--- dog? frog? dozer? Try to choose the most popular answer)